Hazmat Training Program in Houston, Texas

Hazmat Training Program

In just a matter of days, you could obtain your hazmat endorsement. Our instructors provide personalized instruction to help you learn all the safety aspects of this specialized endorsement. In the hazmat endorsement class, you start your training in the classroom to learn all the safety regulations for recognizing and transporting hazardous materials by learning the OSHA Hazard Communication Standards.

Plus, our instructors will train you in identifying and classifying the types of spills, filling out all required reports and paperwork; securing a small-spill area and segregating the material from its surroundings, safely loading and unloading hazardous matter; and responding to an emergency. This training could also involve learning how to haul a tanker. In the end, you will have received the required 16 hours of training for this endorsement and thorough preparation for the exam.

Course Overview

Non-Credit Fast Track program/ Average completion 7 weeks (full-time) 14 weeks (part-time)

Training is onsite at our Texas Department of Public Safety Third-Party Testing Center.

The hybrid program includes online and face-to-face classes

Program Checklist

CDL Training Handbook

Program Pathway

Courses Hours
CVOPC 2100500 Commercial Drivers License Written Skills 40
CVOPC 2101300 Professional Truck Driver I 112
CVOPC 2104001 Professional Truck Driver ll 80
CVOPC 2101500 Commercial Drivers license Exam Preparation 8
DOT CDL, Professional Truck Driver Total 240

Are you ready to take the first step toward a higher-paying career by enrolling in our truck driving classes in Houston, TX, and earn your Commercial Driver's License (CDL)?

The Benefits of Taking Our Special Endorsement CDL Classes

The hazmat endorsement training at Zenith logistics Institute will open more doors for you in the truck driving industry. While getting a CDL endorsement generally helps with gaining a higher salary, the hazmat endorsement offers a mutually beneficial advantage for both drivers and employers. Drivers have the expertise that goes with handling hazardous materials, and employers can provide an additional service to other companies since their drivers are trained and licensed.

Plus, with the current trucking shortage, you are more likely to get noticed by potential employers once you have obtained this endorsement. With your CDL and hazmat endorsement, you can gain high-salary employment with emergency response systems, with companies that transport fossil fuels, like crude oil and natural gas, medical supplies, like oxygen tanks, bio-hazard waste from healthcare facilities, and other types of hazardous waste. Many of these types of companies also offer sign-on bonuses.

Start your career in Truck Driving

You’ll be in high demand upon graduation. Dedicated instructors who care. Many tution options available.

Higher Salary

Fastest Growing Career

Travel Around Easily

Earn Respect

7 Reasons to Choose Us


Grants and Financial Aid available to those who qualify

Flexible Payment Plans

We offer monthly payment options, employer-paid, and federal/state financial aid

Nature of Relationship

Our Instructors take on the role of mentor who’ll take the time to build your skills and ensure your success.

One on One Training

Your instructor accompanies you in the truck and provides individualized training through demonstration and observation while talking you through each step

Provide Study Material During the Program

Books and study guides that cover all areas of the knowledge test are provided in addition to materials for endorsements

Providing A Specialize Program: Hazmat

Our option to gain a hazmat endorsement opens doors to a broad range of job opportunities

Team Service

Along with your peers and instructors, we have advisors available during enrollment and career specialists who assist with job placement

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