Truck Driving Courses in Houston, Texas

Our Truck Driving Courses in Houston, Texas

Including Theoretical Classes & Training

At Zenith Institute of Logistics, our highly qualified professional instructors prepare you to not only succeed on your CDL Knowledge and Skills exams but also for a high-paying career that has plenty of opportunities for advancement. Our programs consist of 3 different truck driving course sets in Houston, Texas, including

Class A Truck Driving Classes in Houston, TX

Class A( Manual/Automatic )

For various combinations of vehicles with a gross combination of weight rating 26,001 or higher, provided that the GVWR is higher than 10,000 pounds

Class B Truck Driver Training in Houston, TX

Class B

For operating single vehicles with a GVWR of 26,001 or higher or 24-passenger vehicle (or more)

Hazmat Truck Driving Course in Houston TX

Special endorsements

For transporting hazardous materials, such as combustible or flammable liquids or solids; requires a state and federal background check.

Whichever program you opt for, you’ll receive individualized, hands-on training and thorough preparation for both the knowledge and the skills tests. Start by signing up for our truck driving courses online or in person at Zenith Logistics Institute.

Are you ready to take the first step toward a higher-paying career by enrolling in our truck driving classes in Houston, TX, and earn your Commercial Driver's License (CDL)?

Benefits of Taking our Truck Driving Classes in Houston, TX

At Zenith Logistics Institute, you’ll receive one-on-one truck driver training in the classroom and in the field. Our specially trained instructors share their real-world knowledge and experience so that you’re ready when the time comes to test for your CDL. They’ll ensure access to all the necessary study materials and address your questions.

With four programs to choose from, you’ll grow your skills and increase your chances of obtaining your ideal job. Furthermore, you’ll have opportunities to gain sponsorships to offset your tuition costs. Plus, we offer a flexible, monthly payment plan.

Start your career in Truck Driving

You’ll be in high demand upon graduation. Dedicated instructors who care. Many tution options available.

Higher Salary

Fastest Growing Career

Travel Around Easily

Earn Respect

7 Reasons to Choose Us


Grants and Financial Aid available to those who qualify

Flexible Payment Plans

We offer monthly payment options, employer-paid, and federal/state financial aid

Nature of Relationship

Our Instructors take on the role of mentor who’ll take the time to build your skills and ensure your success.

One on One Training

Your instructor accompanies you in the truck and provides individualized training through demonstration and observation while talking you through each step

Provide Study Material During the Program

Books and study guides that cover all areas of the knowledge test are provided in addition to materials for endorsements

Providing A Specialize Program: Hazmat

Our option to gain a hazmat endorsement opens doors to a broad range of job opportunities

Team Service

Along with your peers and instructors, we have advisors available during enrollment and career specialists who assist with job placement

Enroll in Our Truck Driving Classes in Houston, Texas

Get a Solid Career + Unlimited Earning Potential. Be in Control of Your Future Earning Potential!

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